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a walk into the steel cage

A mix dedicated to the high-flyers, the warpaint, the finishing moves, 
the body slams, the headlocks, the tattoos, the leather, the taunts, 
the gimmicks, the babyfaces, the heels, the giants, and every single muscle.

01 I Curse You!
02 Motorhead - All the Aces
03 Legion of Doom Theme
04 Earth - High Command
05 Dingo’s Revenge
06 Black Sabbath - Never Say Die
07 The Texas Hangmen Theme
08 Sepultura - Stronger than Hate
09 The Black Scorpion Sends a Message
10 Umberto - Red Dawn
11 The Punisher Theme
12 Bjork - Army of Me
13 Bizarre Threats
14 Scissorfight - Victory Over Horseshit
15 Fabulous Freebird Michael Hayes - Bad Street USA 
16 Roky Erickson & The Aliens - Bloody Hammer
17 Do Not Send This Man Money!!

By Garrett Crowe