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slo-mo pro-mo

01  Beard Science, "Sun A Go Down (Badger's Raabadub)" - Beard Science 
02  Eddie C, "Gimme Your Dub" - Endless Flight 
03  LOTI, "What's Lord Got To Do With It?" - American Standard 
04  Eddie C, "You Know How" - Endless Flight 
05  Ilija Rudman, "Who's Crying Now?" - Wolf Music Recordings 
06  Curtis Mayfield, "Give Me Your Love (Tangoterje Edit)" - Tangoterje / TTJ Edits 
07  Gabor Szabo, "Keep Smiling (Super Value Re-Edit)" - Super Value Classics 
08  Marvin Gaye, "Time To Get It Together (Super Value Re-Edit)(pt.1)" - Super Value 
09  Atlantic Conveyor, "You Got Me" - Untracked 
10  Marvin Gaye, "Time To Get It Together (Super Value Re-Edit)(pt.2)" - Super Value 
11  Rayko, "Broadway" - Lumberjacks in Hell 
12  Cole Medina, "See The Light" - House Arrest/Gimme The Loot!

 by Gentleman Jim Hiss aka James Cardis