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look into the crystal

An Informal Survey of Cinematic Sounds of the 1970's, Vol. II (1970-1981)

01  James William Guerico, “Overture” (Electra Glide in Blue, d. Guerico, 1973)
02  John Yager, “Benson, Arizona” (Dark Star, d. Carpenter, 1974)
03  Marty Robbins & Frank De Vol, “A Man and a Train” (Emperor of the North Pole, d. Aldrich, 1973)
04  Ronee Blakely & Pino Donaggio, “China 9 Love Ballad” (China 9 Liberty 37, d. Hellman, 1978)
05  Al Pacino & Powers Boothe, “Scarf Choice” (excerpt from Cruising, d. Friedkin, 1980)
06  Improved Sound Limited, “Suicide Road” (Kings of the Road, d. Wenders, 1976)
07  David Munrow, “Zed’s Memories” (excerpt from Zardoz, d. Boorman, 1973)
08  Joe Delia & Artie Kaplan, “Ms. 45 Dance Party” (Ms. 45, d. Ferrara, 1981)
09  Merry Clayton, “Lift Every Voice and Sing” (Brewster McCloud, d. Altman, 1970)
10  David Munrow, “Monster in Our Midst” (excerpt from Zardoz, d. Boorman, 1973)
11  Mike Curb Congregation, “Burning Bridges” (Kelly’s Heroes, d. Hutton, 1970)
12  Barry DeVorzon & Perry Botkin Jr., “Nadia’s Theme” (Young and the Restless, 1973)
13  David Munrow, “Erotic Simulation” (excerpt from Zardoz, d. Boorman, 1973)
14  Tangerine Dream, “Creation” (Sorcerer, d. Friedkin, 1977)
15  Barbara Streisand, “Prisoner” (The Eyes of Laura Mars, d. Kershner, 1978)
16  The Cripples, “Hypnotize” (Cruising, d. William Friedkin, 1977)
17  Ruthie Gordon, “The Garlic Waltz” (Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers, d. Blank, 1980)
18  Ry Cooder, “Southern Comfort Theme” (Southern Comfort, d. Hill, 1981)
19  Bob Dylan, “Final Theme” (Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, d. Peckinpah, 1973)
20  David Munrow, “The Crystal” (excerpt from Zardoz, d. Boorman, 1973)
21  Craig Safan, “Confrontation” (Thief, d. Mann, 1981)

By Eric Marsh