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And a little backstory:

I was approached by a security guard named Courtney at the museum I work at. I never learned his last name. After a couple conversations about playing music, he asked me to digitally transfer five 1/4" reel-to-reel tapes he'd been storing since the 70s. They reeked of cigarettes, were visibly warped and had never been listened to since their recording. Apparently, the tapes document a studio session from 1974, although he has no recollection of the group's name or the session taking place (a few stories later, it was clear this session was heavily influenced by drugs). During my correspondence with Courtney, Mike Kelley's traveling retrospective was exhibited at our museum. Borrowing my favorite title of the show, taken from Kelley's "Kandor" series, "Oddelisk" became an unpredictable research and editing project, in hopes to share a set of lost live recordings that could never have been heard if it weren't for our random interactions. Since completing the project, Courtney has been transferred out of the museum.

By Jonathan Campolo