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Music for the Winter Solstice and Other Long Nights

01 Black Light District - Unprepared Piano
02 Conrad Schnitzler - Black Nails
03 Minimal Man- I Can See
04 S.P.K - Genetic Transmission
05 Zos Kia - Rape
06 Nik Pascal Raicevic - Demons of Rage
07 Mort Garson - The Philosopher's Stone
08 Heldon - Back To Heldon
09 Coil - Magnetic North
10 Of The Wand & The Moon - Is It Out Of Our Hands
11 Sylvain Chauveau - Radiophonie n°2 (Radiophony #2)
12 Ruth White -The Litanies Of Satan

A collection of 'night music' or music intended for long winter evenings, particularly the solstice this weekend. I assembled these tracks because I feel like while each track slightly different, represent long periods without daylight and possibly involving some sort of insomnia, psychosis, paranoia, or hallucinations. Not necessarily dark as in melancholic sad, but rather physically just dark.

By Brett Naucke