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through pains to heaven

01 Stars of the Lid - Don’t Bother They’re Here (Kranky
02 Labradford - Leta O’Steen (Kranky
03 Five Way Mirror - Playing Out Obscurity” Five Way Mirror (Windy &Carl’Bandcamp)
04 Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - This Rooms Seems Empty Without You” (Killer Pimp
05 Expo ’70 - Mind Echo Unit”  (Beta-lactam Ring Records)
06 Popol Vuh - They Danced, They Laughed, As Of Old” (Find it at discogs.com..maybe) 
07 Tim Hecker - City In Flames (In 3 Parts) Part 1 (Alien 8 Recordings)
08 Tim Hecker - City In Flames (In 3 Parts) Part 2(Alien 8 Recordings)
09 Tim Hecker - City In Flames (In 3 Parts) Part 3 (Alien 8 Recordings)
10 James Blackshaw - Past Has Not Passed (Tompkins Square
11 Nicholas Szczepanik - We Define Everything In Desperation” (Basses Frequences) 
12 Brian Eno (Featuring Phil Collins) - Zawinul/Lava” Brian Eno (Featuring Phil Collins) (Amazon maybe?)
13 Arvo Part - Spiegel im Spiegel (Amazon maybe?)

Here’s a playlist that’s intended for an hour and a half yoga class. I feel like all of these tracks are interesting and fairly accessible. I usually hate it when yoga teachers play music because the music they play often takes away from whatever I’m feeling inside. This past winter, I went to a yoga class at one studio and the teacher went as far as playing modern country in her class: it made me want to puke. This mix is meant to help people feel their now feeling fully and for their minds to explore. 

If you’re not into yoga, then use this mix to put on after you get home from work and sit on the couch with a sixer of Bud Light Lime and relax.

By André Foisy